Nuevo: Ma Victoria Morrás

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My artistic work has been developed through my profession. Although I still work as an architect, I am also profoundly enterprising. Consequently, my leisure time has been devoted to shape the feelings architecture arises in me.

Through my drawings I connect myself to the places where I have lived.

Should I have to define the themes which I am most interested in, I would say that my work has a constant: Thoroughness in processing different materials (brick, stone, slate, tile…), and also architectonic elements ( flying buttresses, gargoyles, pillars, capitals…), but above all, the ever changing shadows caused by them through times.

Furthermore, the wounds or hollows carved by the dashing of the waves and wind in my environment, transmit to me a feeling of liveliness as well as a strong sensation that both time and the artists who have made those pieces of work, remain for ever in my drawings.

And thoroughness in the drawings, too. Line drawings wilfully done in black and white, since I feel more identified with these dark, rainy, winter days of The Basque Country, and with the atmosphere that those elements create.

All in all, I believe that my main objective is to transmit both the serenity and passion consequence of the inspiration the lights of time produce in me.

Jokin Leniz Aranbarri



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